Milton Keynes New College needs a website. - Brand Magic

Milton Keynes New College needs a website.

MKNCC is a college in Milton Keynes and they asked us to help them demonstrate how they help their clients with their ‘learning journey’.

The website needed to appeal to a global target market. Above all, it needed to be fun and interesting and interactive.

Brand Magic developed the ‘scratch’ concept on the home page and the different elements throughout the site to keep their audience engaged.

The ‘about us’ page has an eraser section so you can clearly see the faces of the team when you start moving your mouse. We also uploaded all the course content and came up with a template that would work across all the different types of courses they offer.

As a result, the website is a fantastic tool to help MKNCC showcase their fabulous courses and also demonstrates its fun, creative ethos. The scratch theme on the home page is addictive and engaging. A nod to the innovative nature of the team that works tirelessly to supply higher education in a modern and innovative setting.