Everlasting Cakes

Everlasting Cakes is owned and run by local artist, Kathy Santiago.

Born of an obsessive compulsive cake fetish disorder, Everlasting Cakes rose from the ovens to create a range of cake paintings and cake painting products in celebration of all things cake.

Everlasting Cakes is a stunning 112 page full colour publication: Each page is a little work of art, created with passion to celebrate cake making and eating. The book contains 52 paintings and recipes (some with amusing anecdotes), loosly structured around calendar events.

ClientEverlasting Cakes

Brand Identity

Kathy approached Brand Magic to design the logo and the front cover of her book ‘everlasting cakes’. We were delighted to be a part of this magical book which combines fabulous art and baking.

In our very first meeting with Kathy, we noticed she was doodling away whilst chatting to us, and we recognised a possible icon within the doodles that could work as a logo for her business. We scanned in her doodle of a cupcake, added colour and wording and a new brand was born.