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Choosing the right logo is crucial

Choosing the right logo is crucial. It is, above all else, a shorthand for your business. A memorable logo makes it much easier for your customers and audience to recognise your brand when they see it. However, the logo also communicates the essential aspects of your business. As such, if you choose a logo in a style that quickly falls out of fashion, it can make your business look old fashioned, too.

Here, we’re going to look at some of the current logo trends worth considering to make sure you don’t fall out of fashion any time soon, and why it might be time to make the upgrade.

Going minimalist
Simplicity has always been a virtue when it comes to visual design. The less complicated a symbol is, the easier it is for people to recognise it. However, more and more companies are starting to simplify their existing logos. They’re removing some of the more ornate details, sometimes going as far as boiling the logo down to a silhouette. Less is more, right now, especially in web design, where simple and clean design is used to make the website easier to navigate. If you can simplify your logo, it might be worth trying.

The 3D gradient
Gradients have long been used to allow the smooth blending of a colour scheme that identifies the brand. Similarly, 3D has been a rising trend that creates a logical connection between the business and the idea of modern technology. Now, the two are being combined to make sure that a 3D logo has a more energetic sense of colour and depth to it. They look modern, distinct, emotive and, perhaps most important of all, they stand out better on smaller screens such as smartphones and tablets.

The font of beauty
A lot of logos incorporate the name of the brand. Some logos are the name of the brand but presented in a specific way. Making use of strong typography isn’t unique to the modern age, but designers have started to put a lot more focus on creating brand new fonts and typography for logos. There has also been an increase in logotypes, which is logos made entirely out of stylised letters. Finding a unique font is crucial if you’re relying on typography to carry you through. The right combination of font and colour can make a substantial impact, indeed.

Variable logos
A recognisable logo is vital, but that doesn’t mean that the logo has to be unchanging. Variable logos work on a specific design of the theme, but the details within that theme can change depending on the context the logo is used in. For instance, it can be an arrangement of simple geometric shapes that vary colour depending on where the brand is used. Another example of a variable logo is using a specific form or silhouette that can contain different images based on context, as well. Changeable logos depend on a versatile base design that still remains strong even as you change the details, which can be tricky.

Ensure you’re working with a modern, professionally designed logo
A newly designed logo can be of great benefit to your business. For one, when the right professional does it, you can ensure you avoid the old-fashioned look as mentioned above. However, a well-designed logo does more than giving a great first impression. It also gives your business identity, making it easier to build your brand, primarily through visual mediums like advertising and site design. Furthermore, it projects a professional image. People will believe your business can play the part when it looks the part. If you’re not sure your current logo does that, then it may be time for an update and an upgrade.

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